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Pribina Cup 2020

  • Event name / Názov akcie: Pribina Cup
  • Event location / Miesto konania: Nitra, Slovensko
  • Event type / Druh akcie: air race / preteky
  • Starting / Termín konania : April 2020 / apríl 2020
  • Duration / Dĺžka trvania akcie: 8 days / dní

Airshow Description / O leteckej akcii

Airshow called Pribina Cup 2020 is held in April 2020 and will take 8 days. This air race is taking place at Nitra, Slovensko.

Letecká udalosť Pribina Cup 2020 sa koná apríl 2020 a potrvá 8 dní, preteky sa koná v Nitra, Slovensko.

Pribina Cup Video

Location map / Mapa Nitra, Slovensko

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Airshow 2020 calendar / Kalendár leteckých dní 2020

January 2020February 2020March 2020April 2020May 2020June 2020July 2020August 2020September 2020October 2020November 2020December 2020


  1. Pribina Cup

    Competition – 15th Apr 2012
    2012-04-15 09:56:18

    The Farewell Party started at 17:00 with the pricegiving ceremony. Some people had already left right. There was a long way home ahead of them. Some went to FCC for registration. Pricegiving ceremony was nice. After that the life rock band showed us a little perfomance. There was goulash, beer, kofola and good atmosphere with good people. We hope everyone enjoyed the time spent in Nitra and hope to see you next year;)

    The winners of Pribina cup 2012 are:

    Club class – Roman Mracek, IF

    15m class- Sebastjan Ramsak, CH

    Open class- Wolfgang Janowitsch, WO

    20m class- Filipe Cvitanich, P2

    Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Pribina Cup

    Competition – 14th Apr 2012
    2012-04-14 10:34:27

    The briefing is over and the weather do not allow us to fly today. Our area is being influenced by the low pressure. Therefore there are no tasks for today. Farewell party and prize giving ceremony starts at 17:00. Goulash, free beer and a rock band is planned. Hope to see you all there!

    2012-04-14 08:03:45

    Good Morning!

    Cloudy sky and no sun shines this morning. The weather situation does not look very favorable at the moment. Therefore there is no grid yet. More informations on the briefing that will be at 10:00 in the hangar.

  3. Pribina Cup

    Competition – 13th Apr 2012
    2012-04-13 16:38:05

    All gliders are safely home.

    2012-04-13 16:36:46

    Arrivals Day 5:

    Club: SN, LZ, TL, B, E9, UX, HWG, 37, AW, BER, GJ, GR, LX, LZ, R5, V5, VS, XII, 17, MB, IF, LL, E,OE

    15m: BS, D9, JB, NF, SI, VI, 19, WZ, EY, RS, KX, KG, ECC, SV, PB, EK, FX, GI, LOT, CH, HC,

    20m: 007, GF, K2, WD, P2, DD, NIT, DDT, KA, RA

    Open: 4A, ZF, KOS, RSI, DC, ZB, 2C, EG, HD, LA, JR, I, WO, UC, DT, BT, IM, LF, ZF, AT, 10, IE, PM, MU, A1, ZP,

    2012-04-13 16:36:04

    Talking to some pilots weather was amazing. Cloud base 2300m, climb rates 5m/s. Wow!

    2012-04-13 16:25:53

    Two trailers have been reported: IR and LR1. Open class already home.

    2012-04-13 16:05:06

    20m class is at home. Most of the gliders have already came. We are waiting for some more. The weather is great, cumulus clouds are visible.

    2012-04-13 15:22:26

    Landings have just started. The weather looks still great and it seems like high speeds might be expected.

    2012-04-13 13:06:42

    The weather looks amazing. Cumulus clouds are everywhere, the high clouds have dissolved. It seem like pilots will have a good time 🙂

    2012-04-13 12:49:16

    Starts are almost over and the weather situation looks better than expected. High clouds are not as significant. Some cumulus clouds are visible over the airport, more of them are over the hills. We can see gliders circling above the airfield, Nitra and Zobor. The sun is shining and it is warm outside.

    2012-04-13 11:45:07

    First launch is confirmed to 12:00

    2012-04-13 11:32:23

    There are just weak thermals so starts are postponed to 12:00.

    2012-04-13 11:24:02

    First start is moved to 11:45

    2012-04-13 10:29:51

    The briefing is over and tasks are handed out. All classes received assigned area tasks with the task time 2 hours and 30minutes. Launching is planned for 11:30. We are expecting a window to come from the southwest. The temperature should be high enough to form cumulus clouds with the base of 1300m. Rainshowers may occur later in the afternoon.

    2012-04-13 07:55:37

    Good Morning!

    After a non-flying day we hope everyone is full of energy and the weather allow us to fly today. Grid opens at 8:30 and the runway in use is 15.

  4. Pribina Cup

    Competition – 12th Apr 2012
    2012-04-12 12:20:11

    The Day is cancelled!

    The briefing is over. The weather situation did not allow us to compete today. Our area is being influenced by the occluded front and there is plenty of clouds covering the sky. Therefore there are no tasks for today and the day is officially cancelled. There is an optimistic outlook for tomorrow and we should be able to fly due to the shallow ridge of the high pressure area. Briefing will be at 10:00. Enjoy your rest day!

    2012-04-12 11:13:30

    It is raining at the airport at the moment. Pilots are waiting for the briefing in the bar

    2012-04-12 08:42:06

    Good Morning!

    The is occluded front coming towards our area. The weather situation does not look very favorable at the moment. It is not raining yet but we are expecting to be raining soon. The briefing is moved to 12:00. We are waiting for a window to come. More information there. No grid yet.

  5. Pribina Cup

    Competition – 11th Apr 2012
    2012-04-11 18:10:42

    All gliders are accounted for. A successful day is behind us. It was not easy but you made! Great job!

    2012-04-11 17:04:05

    All gliders from the 15m class and club class are home.

    2012-04-11 16:55:31

    Arrivals Day 4

    Club: GJ, 17, BER, 30, OE, UX, VS, TL, MB, B, DC, FL, R5, IF, DC, XII, 101

    15m: NF, D9. LOT, 19, CH, HC, EY, BS, RS, EK, CP, DI, KG, KX, WZ, ECC, PB, SV, IR,

    20m: K2, KA, DDT, RA, 007, GF, KA, P2

    Open: WO, LA, ZP, 3B, UC, IE, RSI, HD, LR1, ZF, MU, 10, JR, GE

    2012-04-11 15:51:48

    The first glider from the 20 m class on 10 km, K2.

    2012-04-11 15:49:19

    Outlandings Day 4

    Club: SN, AW, 37,FK, DM, HWG

    15m: SI, 6H


    Open: 4A, PM, LF

    2012-04-11 15:47:36

    There are few gliders above the airfield climbing 3 m/s. It seem like the clouds are still active. 15m class is heading towards the last area so we are expecting first landings soon.

    2012-04-11 15:00:29

    First trailers leaving the airport.

    2012-04-11 13:54:59

    All gliders are in the air. The weather looks better than expected and cumulus clouds are visible. Good luck to all pilots!

    2012-04-11 12:47:10

    Starts for the club class have just started. Launching of other classes have been confirmed to 13:00.

    2012-04-11 12:33:53

    First launch is confirmed to 12:45 for the club class. Starts of other classes are posponed to 13:00.

    2012-04-11 12:22:34

    Starts are posponed to 12:45 for now

    2012-04-11 12:06:06

    The window has already come and first cumulus cloud is visible on the south. A probative flight with Blanik is going to try the thermals and we will see. Most likely the starts will start as planned.

    2012-04-11 11:38:27

    A promising news from the meteorologist. There is a small window coming towards our area from the south.

    2012-04-11 10:34:32

    The briefing is over and there is an intention to fly. The weather situation does not look very optimistic with the thermals. Plenty of middle and high clouds are covering the sky and our area is influenced by the low pressure. Due to the strong southern wind there should be the possibility to use the ridge flying. All classes received assigned area tasks with the task time 2 hours. All tasks were set up on ridge and there should be a chance to complete that even without thermals. This day will be a big challenge for all of us. Launching is planned for 12:30.

    2012-04-11 09:43:13

    The weather does not favour us and the high and middle layer clouds have covered the sky. The wind is strong so the task setters are having a hard to create a proper tasks for competitors. The briefing starts at 10:00.

    2012-04-11 08:02:26

    Good Morning everybody!

    We woke up into the sunny day. There are high clouds on the sky and the strong southern wind is blowing. We hope for an another flying day. Grid opens at 8:30 and the runway in use is 15.

  6. Pribina Cup


    SCHEDULE Event description Date
    Final Entries Closed February 29th, 2012
    Unofficial Training March 31st – April 5th, 2012
    Official Training April 6th, 2012
    Registration April 6th, 2012, 10 AM – 10 PM
    Configuration Change Closes April 6th, 2012, 10 PM
    Opening Briefing April 7th, 2012, 10 AM
    Contest Flying April 7th – April 14th, 2012
    Farewell Party April 14th, 2012, 8 PM
    Closing and Prize Giving April 14th, 2012, 9 PM
    Reserve Flying Day April 15th, 2012