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Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot 2020

  • Event name / Názov akcie: Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot
  • Event location / Miesto konania: Newark, Notts, UK, NG24 2NY
  • Event type / Druh akcie: military air show / vojenský letecký deň
  • Starting / Termín konania : June 2020 / jún 2020
  • Duration / Dĺžka trvania akcie: 2 days / dni

Airshow Description / O leteckej akcii

Airshow called Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot 2020 is held in June 2020 and will take 2 days. This military air show is taking place at Newark, Notts, UK, NG24 2NY.

Letecká udalosť Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot 2020 sa koná jún 2020 a potrvá 2 dni, vojenský letecký deň sa koná v Newark, Notts, UK, NG24 2NY.

Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot Video

Location map / Mapa Newark, Notts, UK, NG24 2NY

Enlarge map / Zväčšiť mapu

Contact / Kontakt

For more information about Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot please visit / Viac informácií o Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot nájdete na stránke

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Airshow 2020 calendar / Kalendár leteckých dní 2020

January 2020February 2020March 2020April 2020May 2020June 2020July 2020August 2020September 2020October 2020November 2020December 2020


  1. Newark Air Museum

    Newark Air Museum

    Empedia allows the sharing of interactive maps, audio tours, picture trails and video guides of our museum.MLA

    Accredited Museum
    No. 551British Aviation Preservation Council and Lincolnshire Tourism.
    MEMBERS OF: British Aviation Preservation Council and Lincolnshire Tourism. Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire Aviation

    A comprehensive ‚guide book‘ is available from the museum shop.

    We are located on part of the former World War Two airfield of Winthorpe in eastern Nottinghamshire close to the border with Lincolnshire. Very little remains of the original wartime buildings and what remains of the original runways are no longer fit for use.

    3D site layout mapThis website has been designed to give a taste of what the museum has to offer. Whilst it does not fully cover all of our exhibits and displays we nevertheless hope it will encourage you to pay a real visit to one of the UK’s largest volunteer managed aviation museums. Our diverse collection of aircraft and cockpit sections covers the history of aviation; the aircraft on display include 13 National Benchmark aircraft; 34 Significant aircraft and 21 Noteworthy aircraft as listed in the National Aviation Heritage Register. Nearly two thirds of the exhibits are now displayed inside.

    In addition to the aircraft the museum displays a diverse display of aviation artefacts and a collection of more than thirty aero engines.

    Each year the museum organises and hosts a diverse range of Special Event Days, details of which are regularly updated here on the website. We urge you check out the different pages that detail everything from our list of aircraft and cockpit through the excellent Museum Shop, which has been described by our regular shoppers as “the best specialist aviation outlet in the Midlands”.

    When you visit we hope that you will find time to pause for a break in our Café. You can choose from a selection of snacks, sandwiches and hot or cold drinks. Why not try our Toasties described by some as being “legendary”? All are reasonably priced and prepared fresh to order. The Café can cater for parties – please book in advance.

    We hope to see you soon.

  2. Newark Air Museum

    Each year the museum organises a diverse range of special events and activities including:
    • Talks and Lectures
    • Enthusiast & Family Tours
    • Aeroboot – aviation and avionic sales
    • Open Cockpit Events
    • Day / Night Photo Shoots
    • Reunion Gatherings
    • Book Launches
    • Aircraft Anniversaries
    • The unique Cockpit-Fest event

    Arrangements for these events are sometimes made at short notice or details might change. As a consequence the best way for you to keep up to date is to check out the News & Information page of this website. This page is regularly updated and is the best place for up to the minute news about what’s going on at the museum.

    Unveiling the mysterious world of unmanned aviation
    The museum trustees are proud to be one of two venues selected by the University of Nottingham to help lift the lid on the history, role and future of unmanned flight. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been making the headlines through high profile military deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, they are increasingly being used for civilian purposes.

    The temporary exhibition called “The Truth about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” opened in August 2007 and reveals some of the secrets of unmanned aircraft. These vehicles date back to 1849 when the Austrians used balloons to drop explosives on Venice, through to the 1930’s and the introduction of the first life-sized radio controlled aeroplane, and on to explore the current role of UAVs in the military, the emergency services, and science.

    The exhibitions have been put together by experts from the Institute of Engineering, Surveying and Space Geodesy (IESSG).

  3. Cockpit-Fest 2012 – News Update 08 (24.05.12)

    24th May, 2012

    Cockpit-Fest 2012 – News Update 08 (24.05.12)

    The recent updates have prompted some additional feedback form participants, which in turn has prompted an even rarer second mid-week update from the ?organiser-in-chief’.

    If you include the two ?mystery ???’ cockpits the event has 29 cockpits listed as appearing at different times over the weekend, which is a great number. However as stated before, please keep those bookings coming; everything looks set for a brilliant gathering next month!

    The two day event provides a focal point for cockpit owners from across the UK and takes place each June at Newark Air Museum’s site in eastern Nottinghamshire. This year the event takes place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June at the museum site off Drove Lane, Winthorpe. Many participants will have received a copy of the event poster via email this week and if anyone else would like to receive a copy please request one via THIS EMAIL LINK.

    Special thanks go out to RAM Models, The Aircraft Restoration Group and Farlam Airframes who have both generously agreed to support Cockpit-Fest 2012. The museum is currently in discussion with several other individuals and groups and the trustees are hopeful of being able to announce further support in the coming weeks.

    At last year’s Cockpit-Fest companies and organisations had an opportunity for to become involved in supporting the event. The same opportunity still exists this year and if you wish to support this this annual charitable event then please contact Howard Heeley at:

    Newark Air Museum
    Drove Lane
    NG24 2NY