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Midnight Sun Airshow 2020

  • Event name / Názov akcie: Midnight Sun Airshow
  • Event location / Miesto konania: Kauhava, Finland
  • Event type / Druh akcie: air show / letecký deň
  • Starting / Termín konania : June 2020 / jún 2020
  • Duration / Dĺžka trvania akcie: 2 days / dni

Airshow Description / O leteckej akcii

Airshow called Midnight Sun Airshow 2020 is held in June 2020 and will take 2 days. This air show is taking place at Kauhava, Finland. The famous team Midnight Hawks will be presented at this action.

Letecká udalosť Midnight Sun Airshow 2020 sa koná jún 2020 a potrvá 2 dni, letecký deň sa koná v Kauhava, Finland. Na leteckej akcii vystúpi letecká skupina Midnight Hawks.

Teams / Účastníci

  • Event participants / Účastníci: Midnight Hawks

Midnight Sun Airshow Video

Location map / Mapa Kauhava, Finland

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Contact / Kontakt

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Airshow 2020 calendar / Kalendár leteckých dní 2020

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  1. Midnight Sun Airshow

    The Airshow

    The history of the Midnight Sun Airshow started in 1945 when Finnish Air Force Training Air Wing (Lentosotakoulu) personnel organized the first midsummer airshow, which gathered 6267 spectators. Training Air Wing instructors performed formation flying and all major Finnish Air Force types were flown – and the tradition was born. The airshow grew and became Midnight Sun Airshow and festival. The annual event gathers foreign participants and some 15 000 spectators every June. The airshow starts 7 p.m. and lasts close to midnight when the last display is flown. It is a great experience for spectators and visiting aircrews as well to watch or perform a display under the Midnight Sun.

    The Midnight Sun Airshow is the only international airshow in Finland organised regularly every year. Therefore the Finnish Air Force is participating in the Midnight Sun Airshow with all major aircraft types, both in the air and on the ground. The Midnight Hawks display team of the Finnish Air is based at Kauhava AB and the airshow is their „home show“. As the Midnight Sun Airshow is organised at Kauhava AB, which is also the home to some 40 BAe Hawks belonging to the Training Air Wing, the event has an important public affairs and recruiting role for the Finnish Air Force.

    In addition to the military aircraft the show will feature a variety of civil aviation aircraft and activities.

    Midsummer and its Midsummer Eve is the most important festival in Finland and the whole country is basically closed that weekend while everyone is celebrating midsummer. With this in mind the Midsummer Festival at Kauhava AB has booked many top class music performers who will play in the aircraft hangars in turns with flying and other activities.

  2. Midnight Sun Airshow

    Flying Display

    (25.5.2012) During the event, there will be two or three different flying displays. Confirmed participants until this date are:

    Patrouille Suisse, Swiss Air Force
    Midnight Hawks, Finnish Air Force
    F-18 Hornet solo, Finnish Air Force
    Kontio Challenge, Sbach 342, Sami Kontio
    NH-90 solo, Utti Jaeger Regiment
    BAE Hawk Mk.51 solo, Finnish Air Force, kapt Kalle Syrjälä
    Extra, Sami Nikulainen
    Extra, Mika Kanto
    Sbach 342, Mikko Teerilahti
    Ultimate, Tapio Pitkänen
    Fouga Magister, Ari Saarinen
    Pitts Special, Raimo Nikkanen
    Pitts, Kimmo Jokela
    Vinka, Finnish Air Force
    Glider aerobatics, Mikko Luukkanen
    AW119 Ke Koala helicopter, Finnish Frontier Guard

    There will also be drag race F/A-18 Hornet vs. motorcycle!

  3. Midnight Sun Airshow

    Static Display

    (25.4.2012) All aircraft which are participating in the Flying Displays can be seen around the ramp areas while they are on the ground.

    Dornier, Marinefliegergeschwader 3, Nordholz, Saksa
    Embraer Phenom business jet, Suomen Ilmailuopisto
    Redigo, Finnish Air Force
    Vinka, Finnish Air Force
    Hawk Mk66, Finnish Air Force
    Hawk Mk51, Finnish Air Force
    F-18 Hornet, Finnish Air Force
    Pitts Special S-1