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Québec International Air Show 2020

  • Event name / Názov akcie: Québec International Air Show
  • Event location / Miesto konania: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • Event type / Druh akcie: air show / letecký deň
  • Starting / Termín konania : June 2020 / jún 2020
  • Duration / Dĺžka trvania akcie: 3 days / dni

Airshow Description / O leteckej akcii

Airshow called Québec International Air Show 2020 is held in June 2020 and will take 3 days. This air show is taking place at Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The famous team USAF Thunderbirds (12-13), F-22 Raptor, CF-18 Hornet will be presented at this action.

Letecká udalosť Québec International Air Show 2020 sa koná jún 2020 a potrvá 3 dni, letecký deň sa koná v Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Na leteckej akcii vystúpi letecká skupina USAF Thunderbirds (12-13), F-22 Raptor, CF-18 Hornet.

Teams / Účastníci

  • Event participants / Účastníci: USAF Thunderbirds (12-13), F-22 Raptor, CF-18 Hornet

Québec International Air Show Video

Location map / Mapa Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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Airshow 2020 calendar / Kalendár leteckých dní 2020

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  1. Québec International Air Show

    Quebec, May 17, 2011

    To all our aviation fans,

    Unfortunately, the Quebec International Air Show will not be coming back to Quebec city in 2012.

    Difficulties in renewing a show of such international calibre along with problems caused by the major increases in commercial traffic at the Jean-Lesage international airport, have led us into making such a major and important decision.

    Several restraints of that nature would have obliged us to take one step backwards in our air show thus reducing the overall quality of the show itself and we would no longer be respecting that international calibre which had always been offered to our fans in the past.

    We have lived an extraordinary experience working with passionate volunteers as well as hundreds of thousands of viewers whom have always participated year after year.

    Thank you, to all our partners and airport managers who allowed us to host an air show with its worldwide elite teams and performers, throughout the years. It was a pleasure to animate and energize Quebec City’s sky, for you all.

    The Quebec International Air Show managers

    (source Guillaume Gagnon 418-847-4411)

  2. Québec International Air Show

    The following aircraft have confirmed their presence to the Quebec Air Show, however, an event; unknown to them now and in the near future could prevent their presence to the Quebec Air Show.

    The Thunderbirds

    The mighty Thunderbirds are in the air, as a team since 1947. Many types of aircraft have been in used by the Team since. They are currently flying the Lockheed-Martin F-16 and that since 1983. They come with 8 aircraft. 6 of them are in the air while they are performing, one backup and one for the advance aircraft. They are based at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 140 persons compose this elite squadron. The new Team leader, this year, Lt. Col Case Cunningham, is eager to discover Quebec City and all it has to offer. Aside from the practice flights, the Thunderbirds will perform on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th of June. You have to be on the site to appreciate this one of a kind precision flight display from the United States Air Force Thunderbirds.

    Mark Kirsch

    One of the strongest men on Earth, Mark, only 29 years old, comes from the Tacoma, State of Washington. His unique specialty is to pull the large and heavy aircraft. On his record, he pulled a P-3 Orion, a KC-135 Stratotanker, a C-130 Hercules, a C-17 Globemaster III, a Boeing 737, 747, 767, also, some Airbus 330 and 340. At the Quebec City air show, he may compete with other would be strong women or men from the Greater Quebec area.

    Bill Leff

    Bill flies a Harvard in a very special way. He will present to us a night performance, with pyro, on his aircraft on Friday the 11th and on daytime Saturday and Sunday. Bill is from Dayton, Ohio and has clocked 30,000 hours in his career of which 4,000 hours on his current Harvard. Mr. Leff has flown for many airlines in the capacity of instructor on many modern types of aircraft. His performance includes a full series of very difficult maneuvers.

    Dan Buchanan

    Dan is a paraplegic. He decided not to be stopped by his predicament and to move about, and he does like you, and I wouldn’t even dream of. He uses a Delta wing for the daytime show and a motorized one for the night show; also with pyro. Daytime launch is done through a catapult from his truck. His wheelchair always awaits him after landing. Dan comes to us from Dayton in the State of Nevada.

    Skip Stewart

    Skip has been the rising star of air shows for the last few years. From his native California, he roams the world over and is in great demand because of the way he handles his aircraft. Himself a real gentleman, for us, he is the natural follow up to our beloved Jim Leroy, Skip will keep you on your toes all during his performances. In the solo act or in tandem with Patty Wagstaff you will be stunt by the energy deployed by this gentleman.


    The F-86 Sabre Series 5 is an aircraft that was born in 1947 and is known primarily for his participation during the Korean War from 1950 until the armistice of 1953. This aircraft was designed for air superiority, and is armed in time of war with 6 Browning M2, 0.50in (12.7 mm) machine guns and can carry bombs, rockets and external fuel tanks. Series 5 Sabres are known as the „creme de la creme“ of all versions, 370 copies of Series 5 aircrafts were built in Canada , its Orenda 14 turbojet Canadian engine made it possible to fly to an altitude of 50,000 feet and reach a maximum speed of 1.120 km / h or Mach 0.91! This aircraft is sporting the colours of the Golden Hawks Canadian aerobatic team created in 1959 to the celebration of 50th anniversary of aviation in Canada, and is currently owned by Vintage Wings of Canada.

    CF-18 Demo

    Captain Brian Bews, for Squadron 425, Ville de Québec from Bagotville has been designated the 2010 demo pilot for the Canadian Armed Forces. Brian will show what he can do with a Hornet in a demo mode. Hang on to your shoes.

    Les Shockley

    Les Schockley started Shock Wave back in the 1970’s. Once dedicated only to funny car building, showing and racing at the best racetracks in the US. In 1988, along with his son Kent Shockwave start to show off in the air show business. It is Instant success. Les hold the Guinness record of 376 mph or 605 km/h over a 3 km long runway. Shock Wave Les and his son’s driver Kent will be at the Quebec air show, from Galena, Kansas, with the largest jet powered, Peterbuilt, truck equipped with 3 Pratt & Whitney J34-48 engines. Like to get one…go to their website.

    FA-18E Super Hornet

    The F-18E Super Hornet is the most recent version of this one of a kind fighter. This hornet is 20% larger than the previous model. It hosts a pair of F-414-GE-400 engines. In combat mode, it has a range of 722 kms. It can reach a speed of 1,900 km/h. It has never been seen at the Quebec air show in demo mode, it is a first. This aircraft can also serve as a refueller with a special kit installed on it. This aircraft is part of Squadron VF-106, the GLADIATORS from Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia. It will be interesting to observe the difference in performances between this FA-18E and our Canadian CF-18.

    Credit (picture) : Robert-St-Pierre

    Surete du Quebec (Quebec Provincial Police) Bell 412

    The QPP operates a fleet of a few helicopters to enhance security for the whole of the Quebec vast territory’s population. Based in the Montreal area, the 412 is equipped with the latest technological system enabling the crew to quickly respond to almost any kind of emergencies. The well trained crews are able to fly during daylight hours and night time and also under less than ideal conditions in order to save lives or survey some suspicious activities. The Management of the Emergency Measures section of the QPP is proud to authorize the flying demonstration of this very special helicopter, the Bell 412. You have to be on site to see this demonstration, for the first time, at the Videotron Quebec air show 2010.


    The FG-1D Corsair is one of the most adapted and versatile aircraft of all fighters of the Second World War. Originally designed by Chance Vought in 1940, some Corsairs (like the one shown here) are being built under license by Goodyear to fill the large order of this aircraft with 12,583 copies. It is easily recognized by its wings „reversed seagulls wings“ that allow the aircraft to have a huge Pratt & Whitney R-2800-8 „Double Wasp“ 2000-horsepower engine and have one of the largest propeller on a combat aircraft, with a diameter of 13 feet 4 inches and sport a shorter and more robust landing gear to endure the repeated landings. Capable of reaching speeds of 685 kph and achieving 37,000 feet, it rivalled the best fighters of his era. Its 6 Browning M2, 12.7 mm machine guns are also formidable and it can carry 2,000 pounds of bombs and rockets made this aircraft very versatile. The Corsair presented here is painted in standard U.S. colours called „shipyard blue“ in honour of Lieutenant Hampton Gray, Canadian pilot who received the Victoria Cross during the Second World War.

  3. Québec International Air Show

    This schedule is for information purposes only, it will be enhanced and adjusted by show time.

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    As of 17:00 hours, viewers will have access to the site allowing them to visit many types of commercial aircrafts on the ground, the Airbus 310-320-330-340 or Boieng 737-747-757-767-777, jumbo military planes such as the C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster, and the KC-135 supply ship, etc. … In addition, there will be unique performances in the evening. A plane and paratrooper-pyrotechnic air show will begin at dusk, dazzling the spectators with their aerobatic performances. American performers such as Dan Buchanan, Bill Leff, Skip Stewart and many others will take part in the event.

    For the first time in Canada, we will have the opportunity of seeing the strongest athlete in the world pulling a large aircraft weighing more than 200,000 pounds. «Man VS Jumbo Jet». Mark Kirsch will also participate in a aircraft pulling competition against several Quebec medias, whom will be competing against him … an event not to be missed … The Canadian CF-18 will surprise us by lighting a fire wall … We will also have several multi coloured-breathtaking air balloons to brighten the sky.

    Around 22:15, the evening will end with a magnificent firework show, which will dazzle the eyes of thousands of spectators.

    Saturday, June 12, and Sunday, June 13, 2010

    As of 9 am Saturday, June 12th and Sunday, June 13th, fans will be able to visit many commercial and military aircrafts on the site. As of noon, numerous pilots from the United States and Canada will appear, one after the other, as they fly through the Quebec City sky.

    Paratroopers will fill our sky, holding huge flags of Quebec, Canada and the United States, during their National Anthems.
    We will have the chance of seeing the Thunderbirds once more, as well as the U.S. Air Force team with their 6, F-16 aircrafts, a performance which will never be forgotten.
    A Canadian CF-18 demonstration will show the ability of this extraordinary fighter jet.
    With more than 30 000 hours of flight time and experience, Bill Leff’s special Harvard aircraft will have plenty of surprises in store for us.
    Skip Stewart, and his Pitt’s Special S-2-S, the rising star of the air show industry, will display a unique energetic show.
    Dan Buchanan flies with a Delta wing during the day and another motorized wing during the evening. Pyrotechnics is omnipresent with his presentation. A show not to be missed!
    You will not want to miss our spectacular shows and performances, which will fill Quebec City’s sky, during this event.
    Once again you will witness „Man VS Jumbo Jet“ the pulling of an aircraft weighing over 200 000 pounds.

    Have a great show everyone!

  4. Québec International Air Show

    Site hours

    Friday: from 17:00 to 22:00
    Saturday and Sunday: from 9:00 to 17:00


    Due to limited space, camping trailers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles will not be permitted to park on the air show site nor on the airport parking lots.

    Parking cost $ 10 (car)
    (Parking motos 5$)
    (Aucun support ? vélo)
    Shuttle service will be available (see times and prices in the „how to get there“ section)


    Pets are not allowed on the site (due to intense noise and Transport Canada regulations)


    Food and alcoholic beverages will be sold on site – no coolers, alcoholic beverages, knives, nor glass containers will be permitted on the site.
    Backpacks will be subject to inspection in order to meet with the new security measures.


    Make sure you leave a little earlier to reach the airport (at least 45 minutes ahead of time).


    No specific access will be provided to the site, for the handicapped. You must use the main entrance and handicapped parking spaces will be available in the airport parking lot. Note that in certain areas of the site, access may be restricted due to the presence of grass.


    Canteen services (hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, etc. –
    5 Bars (4 near restaurants)


    $ 5 / each (approx 3500 available) – these chairs are all attached in rows in a pre-established area and within the air show zone.
    There will be no advanced reservations taken.


    What to do, where to sleep and where to dine:
    To obtain a list of available camping grounds in the area:


    An air show souvenir magazine will be available- cost $ 1.00
    No ATM machines on site except debit will be accepted at the souvenir stand and admission booth.
    First aid available (ambulance-doctor)
    Block parent program available on site (an announcement will be made)
    Entertainers and makeup artists will be present on site for children
    No specified play area provided for children.
    No daycare services.
    The air show will not be sponsoring any helicopter nor airplane tours, as well as any parachuting, for more info. Check with companies at the airport itself.
    Radio stations are not expected to air the air show.
    Possibility of aircraft noises and deployment from Wednesday to Sunday inclusively.