Skratky a kódy, potrebné na dekódovanie a kódovanie dokumentov, ktoré sú plne v súlade s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – Dokument 8400 „Skratky a kódy“.

Skratka / značka Význam skratky / značky
W West or western longitude
W White
W… Sea-surface temperature (followed by figures in METAR/SPECI)
WAAS Wide area augmentation system
WAC World Aeronautical Chart — ICAO 1:1 000 000 (folio-wed by name/title)
WAFC World area forecast centre
WB Westbound
WBAR Wing bar lights
WDI Wind direction indicator
WDSPR Widespread
WED Wednesday
WEF With effect from or effective from
WGS-84 World Geodetic System — 1984
WI Within
WID Width
WIE With immediate effect or effective immediately
WILCO Will comply
WINTEM Forecast upper wind and temperature for aviation
WIP Work in progress
WKN Weaken or weakening
WNW West-north-west
WO Without
WPT Way-point
WRNG Warning
WS Wind shear
WSPD Wind speed
WSW West-south-west
WT Weight
WTSPT Waterspout
WWW Worldwide web
WX Weather
X Cross
XBAR Crossbar (of approach lighting system)
XNG Crossing
XS Atmospherics
Y Yellow
YCZ Yellow caution zone (runway lighting)
YR Your
Z Coordinated Universal Time (in meteorological messages)

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